Because of missing teeth, your perfect smiles can be ruined and your ability to chew properly and speak as before may be negatively affected. In addition, bone loss may occur in the mouth due to missing teeth, which can cause serious dental problems as you age. Myra Dental Center can help you if you have missing teeth because of the physical injuries, extraction due to cavities or other reasons. There are a number of state-of-the-art treatments options for your missing teeth that we can offer you. We guarantee that the care in our clinic is of the best quality and that our prices are also affordable. Our patients have the opportunity to choose various options to fix missing teeth. Treatment depends on the number of missing teeth. Even if you have only one tooth or several teeth missing in a row, we have permanent solutions. You can see our most popular treatment options to correct missing teeth below.

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a device that can eliminate the gap or gaps that occur as a result of teeth loss. Actually, it is a bridge between two natural teeth that cross a large gap. A dental bridge, unlike a real bridge, consists of several parts. There are two teeth on both sides of the bridge, which serve as anchors, called abutment teeth. There are false teeth called Pontics filling the gap in the middle. A synthetic material such as porcelain or a metal such as gold is used to make the pontics. Patients can choose several materials. Two teeth will hold the structure of the dental bridge. These teeth can be natural or prosthetic supported by implants. In cases where multiple teeth are missing in a row, dental bridges can be used to fix them. Also, when we compare the bridges with the dentures, we can see that the bridges are a more permanent solution. With dental bridges, you can regain your smile in the most natural way possible. Thanks to these devices, speaking and chewing abilities can also be returned as normal. Natural biting is restored by replacing missing teeth with a bridge. In this way, other teeth in the mouth do not wear out quickly. Dental bridges are also recommended as a solution to maintaining a face shape. The loosening in the cheeks or chin caused by missing teeth is an ugly condition that dental bridges can fix. If the remaining teeth are misaligned because of the missing teeth, this problem is also solved quickly with a dental bridge. Various types of dental bridges are available for patients. Traditional, Cantilever and Maryland-bound (also known as resin-bound) dental bridges are the major types. The most commonly used type are Traditional dental bridges. Through these bridges, a dental crown for anchorage teeth is created and a single pontic is placed to replace the missing tooth. Metals, ceramics or fused porcelains are mainly used to make traditional dental bridges. Cantilever bridges are not one of the most common options and they are suitable only when there are adjacent teeth on one side of the cavity created by missing teeth. Cantilever bridges are used only when absolutely necessary. Such bridges are used to fix almost missing teeth in front of the mouth. Since these bridges cannot withstand the bite force of the back teeth, it is possible that they are easily damaged if they are used to replace missing back molars. Maryland-bound bridges connect to existing teeth by using wings on one side of the bridge. Bonded anchors are made from metal or prosthetic teeth. There is a frame on the bridge that supports gums or false teeth. Almost all of the materials used in production of Maryland bonded dental bridges are porcelain. With your dental specialist at Myra Dental Center, you can discuss about the best dental bridge types to suit you.

It will be provided by us that dental bridges are designed to look as natural as possible in your mouth. When someone look at you, they will see the as if they were natural crowns. In addition, we can quickly follow the process by completing the application of the bridge with at least two visits to the clinic. It will take some time to prepare your bespoke dental bridge. Meanwhile, a temporary dental bridge will be provided as a solution.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a very popular solution that permanently solves problems such as missing teeth and dental gaps. Thanks to the implants, the need of uncomfortable and unsightly dentures can also be eliminated. Dental implant solution is long lasting. Your smile and functionality lost because of the missing teeth can be restored with Dental implant. A dental implant replaces a missing tooth. Dental crowns are accompanied by implants. These dental crowns effectively replaces a missing tooth with a prosthetic tooth that looks and works the same. The appearance of a dental implant is like a small screw. An implant is typically made of titanium metal due to its strength and durability. These screw-like devices are surgically placed in the mouth. These devices which is similar to screw are placed in the mouth surgically. It is necessary to understand that dental surgery is required to get implants. Then, patients are advised to take one to three months off for wounds to heal before the crowns are affixed. Dental implants can be placed surgically in the both upper or lower jaw. After placing, an implant acts as the synthetic root of a tooth or an anchor for synthetic teeth. The first step to be taken in the dental implant procedure is to surgically insert the dental implant into the jaw bone. During the healing period, the jawbone naturally grows around the new implant, so that the implant is fused to the jaw like the root of a real tooth. The time to fully integrate the implant with the jawbone is up to several months. The resting time required for fully healing is very important before replacement teeth are placed.

While you are healing, dental crowns for implants will be prepared by our clinic. The shaping of these crowns will be almost the same as natural teeth and their shading will be naturally fitted with the remaining natural teeth. Dental crowns can also be made from different types of materials, that can be discussed with your dentist. The crown will be fixed to the implant with an abutment to be prepared separately. In our implant procedures, it is possible to replace up to 28 missing teeth, 14 in one jaw, 14 in the other jaw. First, an assessment will be provided by us to find out if you are in a condition of surgery. We offer patients the opportunity to complete implant surgery. However, the waiting period we recommend for healing is at least 3 months.

Dental surgeons that our patients will benefit from during dental implant surgery are highly qualified and the technology is the latest available technology. In addition, the materials we use for dental implants, crowns and abutments are only the highest quality. The best dental implant brands you can obtain from Myra Dental Center are the brands such as Straumann and Nobel Biocare. In Turkey, due to the cheaper local costs and the currency exchange advantage, foreign patients have opportunities to get lower prices on branded implants.

Our dental implants, which we offer to replace missing teeth, are long-term guaranteed and finally it’s time to say goodbye to your dentures.


All-on-4 is a brand-name treatment of Nobel Biocare, which is recommended to use to correct the missing teeth if a tooth is completely missing or does not have a healthy root. All-on-4 treatments are the type of treatment we recommend for full mouth restorations with minimal surgical intervention. With the all-on-4 dental implant procedure, multiple missing teeth can be supported with only four implants on the upper or lower jaw. In cases where you have more than one missing tooth in a row, All-on-4 treatments are highly recommended over dental bridges or dental implants. Thanks to the all-on-4, there is no need to place more than one implant surgically. It is possible that this procedure restores the aesthetics and functionality of the full arch of the teeth with the help of only four implants. All you have to do is just sit down to place only four dental implants. In order to minimize the risk of bone loss, implants are placed in areas with the highest bone density. After the healing of the implants, dental crowns and abutments will be placed to create an anchoring structure to support multiple prosthetic teeth. All-on-4’ün iyileşme süresi minimumdur. Placement of the prosthetic arch of the teeth can be done a day after surgery, differently from implants.

All-on-4 treatments have four main benefits: complete arch restoration, fast implanting process and a completely graft-free procedure to prevent jaw bone loss from missing teeth. All-on-4 therapy is particularly useful for older patients. However, since this is a branded procedure, the costs of the All-on-4 can be extremely high in many countries. One of the treatments we offer at Myra Dental Center is the cheapest but high-quality All-on-4 treatments in the world. You can also obtain the Nobel Biocare All-on-4 that you obtain in other countries such as the USA, the UK, Germany or Australia. However, you will see that we are keeping our costs to a minimum thanks to lower operating costs in Turkey. You can also benefit from a high-quality procedure without an inflated dentist bill, as we minimize the number of clinical visits. You also have the opportunity to apply for a free consultation in our clinic to find out which of the above treatments is best for correcting your missing teeth. To compare our prices with the prices of dental clinics in the country where you live, you can call us to get a free quote for each procedure or send the form online.

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