Not All Dental Implant Brands are Created The Same

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Dental implants are an synthetic version of dental roots. These screw-like titanium devices often come under a variety of trademark names. Dental patients are often confused about what these brand names mean and whether the brand is really important for their surgery. Read this article to learn more about dental implant brands and whether you need to pay attention to whether your dental implant is branded or not:

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are typically and most of made of titanium. These screws are drilled into your jawbone by a dental opersatin.The implant must be fused with the natural jawbone to create an spuriousl root for a tooth. It should form a stable foundation for the new tooth because of the dental crown’s beeing  an abutment and placing on an implant.

Dental implants in Turkey are not specifically designed for patients, unlike dental crowns.Although the size and length of the dental implant can vary depending on how dense your jaw bone is. Because of all these factors, you can search for an implant brand to get what you need.

The brand name does not determine the outcome of the surgery, while some dental implants have a better reputation than others.

How Do Dental Implants Realize?

There is really no difference between dental implants for most of the dental patients.Aren’t you all titanium screws that get into your jaw? Almost, yes. However, dental implants may differ physically between different trademarks.

Some dental implants are tight, others are longer or thicker. Some dentists may specifically offer and reccommend a brand depending on where the implant depends on your mouth. For example, for the front teeth of the upper jaw, your dentist may offer a narrow dental implant from a particular trademark.

Although, the real differences between dental implants are largely technical. You should ask your dentist or oral surgeon if branded designs are ultimately important for your care,because as a patient, you may not understand how a particular implant design affects the surgery itself.

Regardless of the brand, dental implants generally have a 95 percent success rate on paper. As long as the dentist uses an FDA-approved implant, it should be successful as expected. You can check dental implant prices on our prices page.

The Most Famous Dental Implant Brands

There are many dental implants, but usually two names stand out: Nobel Biocare and Straumann. These brands are considered the gold standard in dental implants Turkey. You can learn more below:

Nobel BioCare

Nobel Biocare is probably the best known dental implant brand in the world. The company was the first to introduce a commercial dental implant, once Per-Ingvar Brånemark, one of the scientists, invented the implant system in place of missing teeth in the 1960s.

Dentists around the world use Nobel dental implants widely, because these products are very reliable. For the past fifty years, doctors and scientists have carefully documented how well these implants are performing. The stability of the implant is well established.

All Nobel BioCare implants are made from high quality, commercial grade 4 grade titanium. These implants are processed cold in the design process. Thus, the metal is known to be quite durable and solid.

Some Nobel implants are treated with a coating that increases the surface area on the surface. It allows the implant to be infused faster with the jaw bone. The brand offers a 10-year warranty on any dental implant.

Nobel Biocare offers many different types of dental implants under its main brand. Here is an overview:

Brånemark System – Nobel sells implants ranging from 7 to 52.5 mm under this brand name. This implant retains the original design, invented in 1965, which improves versatility. This is the best documented and most reliable implant system in the world.

NobelSpeedy – This is the original Nobel dental implant. All-on-4 is widely used in multi-tooth implant system. NobelSpeedy has a unique design that allows for better bi-directional anchoring and allows for fast and efficient placement. This dental implant has also been extensively researched and has a large number of documents to support efficiency levels.

NobelActive – This implant offers two main features: high levels of stability and excellent aesthetic appeal. If you have low bone density or impaired bone structures, this special implant may suit you.

NobelReplace CC – Like the Active above, Replace offers high stability rates and good aesthetic appeal. The front may be suitable for tooth replacement.

NobelReplace Conical Connection – This implant has a conical body and a tight connection. It is aimed to provide aesthetic solutions in all kinds of oral situations.

NobelParallel CC – This implant is marketed with “simple design and implementation”. The implant is considered to be flexible for use by both experienced and new implant surgeons.

NobelReplace Conic – NobelReplace Select This implant, also marketed under Conical, is an “easy to use” variety. It offers four options for flexibility so that treatment can continue as planned.

Nobel Biocare is an ideal brand especially for dental implants, especially in Europe. However, the famous brand is also quite expensive, so you can ask your dentist for alternative suggestions.


Straumann is a leading dental implant brand just like Nobel BioCare. This brand is international quality standards for dental implants. More importantly, these implants are clinically supported by research. The company creates several dental implant solutions and each is clinically validated.

This is a Swiss brand known for its high quality and precision. Implants are made from a feature material called Roxolid, known for its stability. All Straumann implants are made of high strength material.

Some dentists prefer Straumann implants for strength and reliability. The company has about 14 million Straumann implants in use. This brand is unique in that it creates not only standard titanium dental implants, but also a ceramic model.

There are three types of Straumann implants:



Standard Plus

You can consider conical implants to reduce healing time. The brand boasts that its implants can produce a better tissue response after surgery. Straumann also designs abutments, connectors that come with implants during the artificial crown placement procedure.

Other Important Implant Brands

Apart from the above, there are dozens more dental implants. Here is a brief overview of the most popular:


Mode dental implants are considered to be more economical than other big brands. These implants are available in special screw sizes to suit the unique condition of your jaw bone. Despite the low price tag, their success rate is the same. This brand is very popular in Europe.


The signature of these implants has a one-piece design. Dentists prefer these implants for their accuracy. In addition, these implants are said to “fit” and may therefore be easier to insert. These implants are titanium color-coded. Implants are 9.5 mm long by default, but dentists can change their height accordingly.

The Megagen

MegaGen standard implants are used when you have good bone density. These implants can also enter the front teeth as a single unit. They have unique features that you can prefer. Although these implants are not really used in post-operative procedures, you may want to ask your dentist if your tooth is missing for more than 3 months.


The diameter of these implants is wider than normal and relatively thick. These screws can provide more strength and support than others. These implants are used on both anterior and posterior teeth. Because of the increased thickness, these implants may be sufficient if you have lower bone density.

The above are a few people used by dentists. Your dentist can recognize many other brands that you can discuss with the above.

Using Local Dental Implants

Dental implants mentioned in the above section are internationally recognized and approved brands. It is widely used in Europe and North America. However, there may be local dental implant brands that your dentist may prefer to use.

Local dental implants do not necessarily have to be of low quality. However, the FDA or other relevant regulatory authorities may not have approved some local varieties. You should be aware of these types of fake implants. If your dentist recommends, it may be useful to consider.

Branded dental implants are well known to all legitimate dentists. So if you’re traveling abroad for dental implants, for example, ask for a branded variety on a local brand. It will eliminate uncertainties about what happens to your mouth.

To save a branded variety, you can consider a local dental implant. But it is best not to. Unless your doctor recommends it, it is worthwhile to spend money on branded dental implants to enjoy guarantees, durability and higher stability.

How Important is the Implant Brand for Your Surgery?

As mentioned above, dental implants have almost the same success rate. Therefore, it is not really important for your brand surgery. There are, however, three features you may want to consider:




With a brand like Nobel BioCare, you can enjoy all three of these features, whereas a local brand may be suspicious at all these points. You can ask your dentist whether you should choose a particular brand or not, depending on the features it offers.

In addition, choose a brand with many clinical documents. These brands have success rates compared to an indeterminate local implant version. When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to take risks. You should always choose a dental implant with a lot of scientific support.

Is There a “Best” Dental Implant?

When you enter for any healthcare device, you definitely want the best on the market. Does the same apply to dental implants? Not necessarily.

Some dentists may be cursed by major implant brands such as Nobel BioCare and Straumann. These brands have been in the implant business from the very beginning. As a result, these implants have been tested many times. So you can expect higher quality results.

However, this does not have to make these brands “the best” in the industry. There are a few other factors that have contributed to the success of an implant surgery, it is difficult to determine the best care for a single brand. This really depends on your personal needs.

As a general rule, you can consider the “best” implants accepted by regulatory authorities. Then you know that these implants work as intended and are not fake in any way.

Choosing The Correct Dental Implant for You

When choosing a dental implant brand, consider the following:

Whether the success rate of dental implant is clinically supported by science. This is very important to avoid pitch and unrealistic expectations.

Ask your dentist if the implant comes with a warranty.

Discuss the shape and size of each implant. It should allow you to understand whether your existing jaw bone provides a thicker implant or a small implant.

Discuss the costs of the implant.

Ask your dentist for local dental implants that fit your budget. Make sure you choose the right brand before you fear money.

Note that the dental implant brand you choose will not necessarily affect the surgical outcome of the procedure. The success of your implant procedure largely depends on the surgeon’s skill.

While it is recommended to invest in a high-end dental implant brand, the brand type does not fuse the jaw bone with the dental implant faster. Some brands can design fusion-friendly implants. However, this does not necessarily mean that implants work as they do in your mouth.

However, cheap, local implants may not be in your mouth. A well-known brand offers excellent durability. Some brands, such as Nobel, offer lifetime warranties for the implant. This is a great advantage if the implant fails.

You can choose a dental implant brand according to the cost. You really should choose a brand based on the dentist’s recommendations. The implant brand affects the dentist and the patient. As you may have read above, some implants have features that are easy to install by brand. Your dentist may prefer these brands depending on the style of surgery.

Therefore, carefully consider the brand after considering the above facts. When choosing your implant, distinguish between marketing claims and real facts.