Having dental implants abroad is one of the best solutions to get affordable dental implants. Treatment of dental implants can cost a fortune, especially for residents of the UK, Germany, or the USA. Only by traveling to Turkey, it is possible to get the same quality branded dental implants and save 70%. In many developed countries, dental care is among the most expensive of healthcare in many developed countries. Although health insurance or universal health policies can cover the costs of minor dental care treatments such as tooth extractions, dental fillings, most patients have to pay more expensive treatment costs on their own. Different from the other other medical fields, medically necessary dental care is closely related to cosmetic treatments. For instance, if you have a tooth missing, it will be largely a cosmetic dental procedure that is not covered by health insurance. However, replacing missing teeth is not only necessary to correct a normal smile, but also to prevent loss of jaw bone and restore chewing functions. Most patients prefer to ignore missing teeth or use inexpensive dentures to close the gaps due to the enormous costs of better treatment, such as implants. As mentioned above, it is important to find some kind of treatment, as untreated missing dental cavities can cause your jaw bone to lose its density. Also, adjacent natural teeth can be misaligned as a result of the cavities, which will worsen biting and speech problems. So, what should people do if fixing missing teeth is incredibly expensive in their country? Myra Dental Center in Turkey not only offers first-class dental products but also allows patients to save on general expenses such as lab fees.

Cost of Dental Implants

It is worth considering the reasons why fixing missing teeth is so expensive at first. Of course, the cost of fixing missing teeth varies depending on the type of treatment. Their permanent and long-lasting make dental implants to be the most recommended treatment option. Implants can prevent jaw bone loss and restore smiles, biting and chewing functions. Implants have an important role to prevent loss of jaw bone and restore smiles, biting and chewing functions. Using dental bridges or dentures are among the other options. Regardless of the type of treatment, the costs may continue to be high. Prostheses can be relatively cheap for a low-quality option. when an option with low quality is preferred, prostheses can be relatively cheap. When first-class cosmetic prostheses that are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing are preferred, prices can be as considerable as getting an implant. However, it is not the treatment itself that increases the costs of a procedure. Dental products such as implants, bridges, crowns and dentures need to be purchased to fix the missing teeth. These products have many different prices. For example, prices of branded products such as Nobel Biocare or Straumann are high. Although the quality is not so good, there may also be generic products you can get for low costs. Because branded products are tested safer than general versions, they are recommended by most dentists. In addition to product costs, operational costs can make treatments really expensive. Examination tools such as X-rays can be significantly higher in countries such as the USA or the UK, often due to more expensive healthcare costs. If the costs in the country where you live are generally higher, going abroad to receive treatment in a country where dental costs are on average can help you save money. So are there any risks, if so, what are they?

Dental Treatment Abroad

In recent years, some dental treatments such as dental implants have been priced for some patients and All on 4 dental implants requiring the same care in the countries like Turkey and Thailand where the costs are very low. For instance, the price of dental implants in the U.S. may be more than $ 1,750 or £ 1350 in the UK. And this is only the price of the product itself. There are also costs to be paid such as panoramic x-rays, consultations, and dental lab fees. In contrast, when you get dental implants in a country like Turkey it can be £ 700 or $ 459 cheaper. Therefore, the question of why Costs are cheaper comes to mind. When the products do not have the quality of the products in the country where you live, is it worth saving a few hundred dollars or pounds to buy a dental implant abroad? The quality of care really varies depending on the country treated. The health industry is difficult to regulate in countries such as Thailand. Nothing much is done in terms of government oversight to ensure that people who claim to be dentists are truly qualified. There are no strict standards that practitioners must follow. Therefore, treatment in such a country would be risky. The result may be non-standard products in your mouth or a victim of a botched surgery. The treatment you receive is likely to require care after returning home that can not be affordable at all. However, there are more regulations in some European countries like Turkey. The dentist in Turkey, go through a proper training program with European Union standards and are certified accordingly. The education they undergo is similar to that of dentists in the UK or Germany. Dental specialists need both medical and dental degrees to qualify as specialist, just like in the UK. Dental specialists have to get both medical and dental degrees to qualify as specialists and this is also the case in the UK. Make sure that the care you receive is as good as the care you receive in the country where you live.


If you are one of those who really want to save costs that fix missing teeth, all you have to do is pay less for operational fees, not for implant products. Paying less for panoramic x-rays, lab fees and other operational costs means saving a significant amount of money. Since it is necessary to purchase quality dental products, you should not try to save Money on them. Test methods such as X-rays are also offered free of charge. Everything is included in the price we set for dental implants treatment in Turkey. The overall cost of dental services in Turkey is lower than in Western Europe, lower costs are well justified. If you are looking for affordable dental implants abroad, be sure to choose a company like Myra Dental Center, which guarantees a high quality of care. It is not a good idea to pay less for cheap implants or bridges to keep costs low. If you want to fix your teeth in the most cost-effective way, you should choose a country that provides a high standard of care. Dental implants in Turkey are cheaper than EU,UK and USA.

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